The Trench Wars

The Trench Wars were a series of conflicts waged over a thirty-year period between Parsia and Udland as well as their respective allies. The Trench Wars were a result of tensions that originated from the Udisian Province’s separation from Parsia and the formation of the Greenstone Accord between Udland, Altland, Aeroth, and Aral. The first conflict of the Trench Wars occurred when Parsia invaded Aral in an attempt to regain access to the Aespirium Sea. When Parsia first invaded Aral, both Udland and Altland demanded that the Parsian armies be withdrawn immediately. When the demands were ignored, Udland issued a final ultimatum. While Udland awaited a response from Parsia, the Udisian Army was positioned along the borders with Parsia as well as the Aral border. When no reply was received and it became obvious that Parsia was not going to withdraw its armies from Aral, the Udisian armies along the Aral border crossed into Aral. Quickly Aral was divided between the Udisian and Parsian armies. As expected the Parsian government retaliated by deploying its armies along their border with Udland. Over the next eight years the Udland-Parsian border was converted into a network of trenches and fortresses. Aral became one of the bloodiest battlefields in history, with most of its cities turned to rubble and its citizens turned into refugees. Altland continued to supply and arm the Udland armies, while also deploying its own armies in support of the war effort. As the war entered its ninth year, the Parsian armies made a push deep into east Udland effectively cutting off the Udisian armies in Aral from the rest of Udland. With its armies split, Udland found itself fighting a much larger war. Fortunately both the Udisian and Alterian fleets were able to maintain supply lines to the isolated armies in Aral. This, however, attracted the attention of Hvoth pirates who began raiding the supply ships. The next decade saw the Battle of Dencada, several naval wars between Altland and Hvoth, and the reclamation of east Udland. After twenty years of war a cease-fire was issued, however, Aral was still split between Udland and Parsia. This tension resulted in the Udland-Parsian trenches along their respective borders becoming even more fortified. After only eighteen months, the cease-fire was broken and the war continued. The last years of the war were unlike anything before. New weapons brought the death counts into the millions. The war seemed like it would never end and the influx of refugees into border nations like Cabaldon had grown out of control. This led Cabaldon to organize a new international body of nations with the intent of ending the war. This new organization, called the Tribunal, sent an ultimatum to the Parsia, whom the Tribunal had deemed to be the primary aggressor. Shortly after the ultimatum was rejected, the first deployment of the Tribunal Corps was initiated. Within six months the Treaty of Dencada was signed and the Parsian forces were withdrawn from Aral, officially ending the Trench Wars.

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