The Third Age

The Third Age, also called the Age of the Pinnacle, began at the end of the Age of the Zenith.

The knowledge we have about the Third Age is limited, however, unlike the First and Second Ages we do have some evidence about the Third Age besides the Archetypal Archives. This comes from the fact that by the Third Age the Many Worlds had been formed.

The Third Age began after the Many Worlds were formed around their Zeniths. The Third Age was the Age of the Pinnacle. The Pinnacles were the first beings created by the Maker. After their creation the Pinnacles ran wild and multiplied exponentially. The Pinnacles quickly populated every world in Palphia. They took billions of forms and changed dramatically as time passed. It was from the Pinnacle that the first minds like the Maker developed. It was from these minds that the Archetypes were born and the Fourth Age began.

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