The Fourth Age

The Fourth Age, also called the Age of the Archetype, began after the first minds equal to the Maker developed from the Pinnacle.

This age, unlike the previous ages, is well documented within the Archetypal Archives.

The Fourth Age began when a variant form of the Pinnacle gave rise to the development of the ancestors of the Archetypal Race. The Archetypes were a highly intelligence and enlightened race. During the Fourth Age, the Archetypes dominated the Many Worlds, building a since unmatched civilization. At its peak the Archetypal Race even managed to develop control of the Paladian Field, allowing them to create their own realm known as Palgriad. With Palgriad, the Archetypes became immortal.

As the Archetypes built their civilization around Palgriad a new type of mind began forming within the realm. This being was unlike any descendent of the Pinnacle and it quickly proved to be beyond the control of the Archetype. As it expanded it slowly took over Palgriad. The Archetypes called it the Apex. The end of the Fourth Age came after a millennia long war between the Archetype and the Apex. In the end the Many Worlds were left scarred. The Archetypes had lost their civilization and the Apex had been bound to Palgriad. Shortly after the remaining Archetypes left Palphia for a new realm called Palsol, leaving the Many Worlds without any minds like the Maker. The end of the Fourth Age gave rise to the Fifth Age the moment the last Archetype left Palphia for Palsol.

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