The First Tribunal War

The First Tribunal War began shortly after the end of the Trench Wars. Tensions between the Parsian Dimerates and the Greenstone Accord still existed despite the intervention of the Tribunal. The presence of the Tribunal Corps in west Parsia only increased the tensions in the region. These tensions eventually boiled over when an insurgent movement in the Parsian Province of Paaral began attacking the Tribunal Corps Troopers occupying the province. The Paaral Province's location along the borders of Udland, Arthek, and Cabaldon made it easy for the insurgency to organize attacks on border towns. These attacks were brutal and without mercy. The Tribunal sent ultimatums to the Dimerate in charge of Paaral as well as the Parsi Ruling Dynasty, ordering them to condemn the insurgency. Instead, both the Parsi and Paaral Dimerates began secretly arming and supplying the insurgency while ignoring the Tribunal's ultimatums. As the insurgency continued its brutal raids on border towns in Cabaldon and Udland it became obvious that the Parsi and Paaral Dimerates were supplying the insurgents. The Tribunal once again sent an ultimatum to the stubborn Parsian Dimerates, warning them that if they did not condemn the attacks on civilians immediately that the only course of action would be to purge Paaral. The Tribunal knew that the ultimatum would be ignored and began preparing for a major invasion of Paaral. In order to purge Paaral of the insurgency, the Tribunal would need to isolate the province from the rest of Parsia. This would cut the insurgency's supply lines, essentially starving the whole province. However, the Tribunal leadership knew that this move would likely trigger a larger war with Parsia. For that reason the Tribunal deployed twelve regiments into Paaral when the ultimatum was ignored by the Dimerates.

Shortly after the deployment of the twelve regiments into the Paaral Province, Parsi declared war on the Tribunal. The next two years saw both sides fighting along the border of Paaral and the rest of Parsia. Inside Paaral the insurgency was starving as martial law made any movement in the province impossible. The purge was proving effective, even as the Corps was locked in several battles along the Paaral border. However, things were about to change dramatically. The insurgency had managed to establish communications with Parsi and the rest of Parsia. This allowed for Parsia to coordinate a series of attacks along the Tribunal Corps line between Paaral and the rest of Parsia. When the attacks were made, both sides of the the Tribunal line were hit at once. This quickly broke the line. The next six months saw the Corps being pushed back to Cabaldon. The Tribunal High Command quickly deployed another six regiments to the Paaral-Cabaldon border to push back the Parsian armies. The Tribunal also made a call to Udland and the Greenstone Accord. The Tribunal and the Greenstone Accord formed a pact and shortly after Udland deployed its troops into Paaral, essentially splitting the Parsian forces. For three years Paaral became the center of hundreds of small skirmishes. The Udisian trenches built during the Trench Wars were expanded and upgraded, while Cabaldon constructed their own trench networks to slow down the Parsian armies. Peace talks between the three alliances began, however, it would be another two years before a cease fire was organized. However, this cease fire would prove to be temporary and only served to allow all three sides a respite before the beginning of the Second Tribunal War.

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