The Fifth Age

The Fifth Age, known as the Age of the Apex, is the current age.

The Fifth Age began when the last Archetype left Palphia for Palsol after the ten thousand year long war between the Archetypes and the Apex. After the war, the Apex was imprisoned in the realm of Palgriad and the Archetypes left for the realm of Palsol. The Many Worlds were left to repair themselves after the long war and the remaining Pinnacles began multiplying as they did before the Archetype. Eventually a new race developed on the world known as Thuriza. This race eventually developed into mankind. Throughout the Fifth Age the Apex and the Archetype have attempted to influence mankind with the intent of reclaiming the Many Worlds. This has placed mankind in the middle of a battle for the Many Worlds being fought by beings exponentially more powerful then them.

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