Seladia, officially the Kingdom of Seladia, was once part of the Ancadian Empire. Seladia broke away from Ancadia shortly after the Ancadian-Argoni War. The minor houses of Ancadia, the Seladian Houses, revolted and separated from Ancadia. The Seladian War of Separation is credited with being the war that ended the Ancadian Empire's rule of the Isela Peninsula. After the war, Seladia had gained its independence from Ancadia and formed an alliance with the newly formed Sansedi Houses. In recent history, Seladia has become the largest nation on the Isela Peninsula. The Seladian Houses unified into a new Kingdom and began pushing back Argoni from what was once the Realm of Isela. The training the armies of Seladia received under the Ancadians, the Ancadian-Argoni War, the War of Separation, and the subsequent Ancadian and Argoni Wars have made the Seladian warriors nearly unmatched in the Isela-Ankadi Region, taking the mantle from the Ancadian warrior caste.

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