Sansedi, officially the Houses of Sansedi, formed after the breakup of the Ancadian Empire. The Houses Sansedi were once members of the Ancadian Houses. During the rebellion of the minor houses of Seladian, several of the Ancadian Houses saw no need to continue fighting for Seladia. These houses saw the future and knew that a continued war with Seladia would destroy the Empire. The Arch Lord of Ancadia refused to lose Seladia. As a result a civil war erupted between the loyal houses of Ancadia and the newly formed Sansedi Houses. The Ancadian Civil War tore the empire apart. In the end Sansedi became an independent nation, constantly at war with Ancadia. In recent history Sansedi has become an ally of the Seladian Kingdom. This has allowed Sansedi to defend against Ancadia's attempts to recapture its territory.

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