Parsia, officially the Dimerates of Parsia, is one of the largest empires in the world. Parsia is made up of several Dimerates, each paying homage and swearing loyalty to the Parsi Dynasty. The Parsi Dynasty is the most powerful and richest family in the world. The Parsian Empire is a direct extension of the Parsi Dynasty and the Dimerates under it. Currently Parsia is classified as the most aggressive empire in the world. Parsia originated as several small kingdoms called Dimerates. These Dimerates controlled the vast majority of the Moaban Desert and for the most part they remained separate and isolated. This changed shortly after the Dimerate of Parsi began conquering the other Dimerates through a series of wars, assassinations, and alliances. In the end the Parsi Dimerate became the ruling Dynasty of the Dimerates and a new Parsian Empire formed.

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