Eldsthrak, officially the Eldsthrak Republic, is one of the remnants of the Thrak Empire. At the end of the Thrak-Nosroy War, the Thrak Empire had been shattered. Civil unrest, riots, and several small revolutions tore apart Thrak. Centuries of oppression and inequality led to the Imperial Families being killed in the center of their own Imperial City. After the smoke and dust settled, Thrak was broken with a powerful enemy preparing to push deeper into their region. Due to its close proximity to the Holy Nosroy Empire's western border, the province of Eldsthrak was easily the most likely next move for the Empire. In order to prevent being conquered by yet another empire, the people of Eldsthrak stood up and pushed back against the Nosroy invasion using guerilla tactics. After the war the leader of the opposition party that pushed back the Nosroy was elected the first President of Eldsthrak and the first Parliament of Eldsthrak convened.

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