Drathe, officially the Kingdom of Drathe, is the total territory surrounding the city-state of Drathe. Drathe is a violent nation, controlled by warlords. Technically the government of Drathe is a kingdom, however, it is more like an anarchy. Each of the warlords controls his own territories with an iron fist, while constantly attempting to conquer his rival's territories. The City-state of Drathe is the only civil city in the entire Drathe territory. This is primarily due to House Drathe's army, the Legath. The Legath are the reason the Caspian Empire was unable to conquer Drathe during their attempt to pacify the region. Since the fall of the Caspian Empire the nations around Drathe have found their borders inundated with refugees trying to escape their cruel lives inside Drathe.

The Legath

The Legath are the most skilled career warriors in all of Drathe. Each of the Legath is trained from youth, armed with the best weapons, and equipped with the best armor. Since the inception of the Legath, House Drathe has been able to maintain and control its territory despite the constant incursions of warlords, bandits, and raiders. Even when the Caspian Corps laid siege to the city-state of Drathe during the Drathe Pacification, the Legath were able to push back the better armed and larger forces of Caspia.

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